The testimonials

  • « Your organization was very useful to us on many levels! »
  • « I am very, very satisfied with the services provided by the CIQMO. We were precisely guided towards our objective. The information and contacts that were provided to us were high-quality and I will definitely recommend the CIQMO within my network. »
  • « The process of developing sales towards exportation was a big chapter in our company’s history. When we took this decision, we have to admit that we had no idea where to start, on both the administrative and strategic fronts. It us through this basic assistance that the CIQMO became a precious partner. First, they helped us set the cards and define our priorities. Then, following their advice, we could lay out a geostrategic plan. From there, the CIQMO once again came in and assisted us in defining the markets we should aim for. After weeks of studies, they handed us a report indicating the steps to take in order to integrate the target markets (Ontario, the State of New York, British Columbia, etc.). Today, our partnership is still going strong and continues to be useful, with the training, but also the network of contacts who provide us with the correct information. The CIQMO is still an important ally for us, most notably on our quest towards Asia and Europe. »
  • « My application went through for my first patent request. I heartily thank the CIQMO because without their help, I would not have heard of this measure. »
  • « The CIQMO was an extraordinary lever for our services company. We were highly surprised by their vast international knowledge. Thanks to their organization, we clearly defined our international development goals, our potential clientele and our type of approach. We were provided with information and contacts that we normally would not have access to. Their expertise in the field was very beneficial to our company. »
  • « The information on Western Europe and the Middle East I received was exactly what I needed! »
  • « We participated in a few oversees missions and their success is in large part due to the CIQMO’s guidance, through the information provided, the organizational assistance, logistics, the meetings and the fair and factory visits. »
  • « Throughout our first export operation to China, the CIQMO were an essential partner. They guided us through most of the export process. Their support allowed us to efficiently focus our energy and efforts. This operation turned out to be problem-free and the products were delivered correctly and on time. We will not hesitate to work with the CIQMO in future international endeavours. »
  • « Export to thrive : this was the vision that was guiding our international efforts. But willingness is never enough; you also need expertise, which is not always present within the organization. The CIQMO was an obvious choice for us, as it is composed of people who know the location, its language and work methods. People who asked us the tough questions and helped us define a business plan and identify potential partners. Knowing that the road would be long, they kept supporting us every step of the way, even after the international missions. Now, our company’s name is circulating throughout Mexico and we have the people at the CIQMO to thank for putting us on the right track. »

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