Our Services

We support the international development of your business!

CIQMO offers unique and professional services to support SMEs located in the Montérégie-Ouest region. Our organization is focused on results and offers a flexible approach that is tailored to your needs. Contact us now!  

  • Our Custom Consulting Services

    Our consulting services include:

    • Evaluation of your company's expertise to develop a new market - Export diagnosis
    • Identification of potential markets
    • Market research and international business plan
    • Research of financial help for export-related projects
    • Research, identification and qualification of clients, distributors or agents
    • How to export via e-commerce and how to set up your online platform
    • Market development strategy and international strategic marketing
    • Technical support in identifying freight forwarders, brokers, Incoterms, standards, legal aspects, insurance, etc.
    • International taxation
    • and all other consulting services related to international commerce

    Are you interested in one or more of our consulting services? We suggest that you begin meeting one of our advisors. Contact us.

  • Training or Activities, including our Business Breakfasts

    Our training or activity sessions are carefully thought out to meet the needs of our companies, in order to allow them to be up-to-date with the constant evolution of the international market.  Our training sessions are ideal for both new and experienced exporters.

    Our goal is to give companies the essential knowledge to export.

    Our range of training or activities:

    • Seminars and webinars
    • Short or long-term training with or without coaching sessions
    • Individual in-companies training 
    • Special events.

    Examples of our training with coaching

    • E-commerce: how to export via commerce and how to set up your online platform
      How to sell through Amazon (individual and group training)
    • Customs compliances
    • International logistics chain improvement
    • International sales
    • Training and coaching for C-TPAT certification
    • Training and support for Air Freight Security
    • International supply and subcontracting contrats
    • And more...
  • Commercial and Prospective Mission Planning

    For several years, we have been planning commercial missions. The missions are adapted to each sector and built according to the requirements of companies.

    The goals of these missions are:

    • Evaluating new markets;
    • Meeting potential clients;
    • Contacting your existing customers;
    • Studying competition and market trends;
    • Keeping you up-to-date on new products, processes or new technologies;
    • Meeting distributors, representatives and manufacturing agents;
    • Etc.

    The different types of missions that CIQMO offers:

    • Visit to a specialized trade show;
    • Exhibition at a trade show;
    • Commercial mission offering specialized business meetings in a given market; 
    • Buyers meetings.

    If you are unable to participate to one of our missions, we can do it for you. We also work with mandates that will allow us to go for you and get the necessary information you need.