A word from the executive direction

Welcome to the Commerce International Québec Montérégie-Ouest (CIQMO) web site.

The CIQMO is your regional export promotion agency (ORPEX) on the Montérégie-Ouest territory. We are a member of the Commerce International Québec network, which gathers eighteen (18) other ORPEX across the province of Quebec.

Commissioned by the governments of Quebec and Canada, the CIQMO offers proximity, affordable and custom services in order to assist companies in setting up the best business practices and developing new markets.

Our experts are able to provide guidance fit to your needs to diversify your markets, whether you are at the early stages of your export process or if your enterprise is already very active internationally.

Whether you are looking to develop proximity markets such as the United States and other Canadian provinces or are aiming for more complex and distant markets such as Brazil, China or Africa, the CIQMO is fully qualified to offer you a customized advisory service.

We invite you to take a look at our activity calendar and/or contact us for further information.

We wish you an enjoyable visit on our web site!