Update on the new 2020 Incoterms® and on CUSMA (NAFTA 2.0)

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The United States being our first export natural market and the new agreement CUSMA which is in effect since July 1st, 2020, it is vital for exporters to be updated on the changes brought about by the new NAFTA, in other to take fully advantage of the Free Trade Agreement and develop this market.

It is also essential to be undated on the international Incoterms 2020® which have been revised on January 1st, 2020. These international terms facilitate our contracts and can give us a competitive advantage for our imports of raw materials, components and parts, as well as for our exports.

This training if for manufacturers and exporters.


First part : New 2020 Incoterms®

• Review of the basic principles

• Overview of the 2010 changes

• What did not change on January 1, 2020

• The 2020 changes

• Overview of the American terms and the interaction between the Incoterms® and the contracts of carriage, insurance and payment.

• Q&A

Second part : The New CUSMA (USMCA) – old NAFTA trade agreement

• Review of the basic principles of NAFTA, which have been carried over to CUSMA

• What changed with CUSMA, compared to NAFTA

• Overview of the basic principles of Customs compliance in the US

• Differences between exporting to the US and to Mexico

• Q&A This online training will give managers, supervisors and decision makers the updated tools in order to take informed decisions when dealing internationally and with the US.


Date : November 20, 2020


Coût : Early-bird (before November 13, 2020) 30$ plus tax. After November 13, 2020 the price will be 40$ plus tax.

You will receive the link for your participation upon reception of your registration.